What is Coaching?

…Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

~~ from the International Coaching Federation

Coaching is not about me telling you what you need to do.

Coaching is about working together is a way that is co-creative and synergistic.  We become a team, working on figuring out what you want to do and how you can overcome the barriers and clear a path to doing it.

I am not the authority on your life.  I know some things – ok, I know a lot of things about trauma and how it touches us.  I know some ways to work through that.  Because I’ve done this work for a long time, I have some resources to suggest and some tools that might be helpful.  But I don’t know the path you need to take.

Whole Person coaching offers a number of tools we can explore.  We can look at the Web of Life or do a values clarification exercise.  We can talk about archetypes – who are you in the different parts of your life?  How do you show up and how do you want to show up?  We can do a Mind Map or help you describe your vision for yourself.  All of our efforts are dedicated to helping you build a life that supports the work you do, a life that lets you shine.


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