Are you a caring professional who works with people who experience trauma?

When you work with people who experience trauma – when you’re the one they count on for help – their trauma touches you.  That’s not a bad thing. That experience can help you grow, become the person you want to be.

  • You may feel stronger, more compassionate.
  • You may gain a sense of purpose, recognition that you’ve found your path.

It’s not easy work, and usually, you’re just fine with that.  But when you:

  • Lie awake thinking about your clients’ problems…
  • Can’t get that one patient out of your mind…
  • Worry about your students over the weekend…

…you may start to wonder if you care too much.  Begin to doubt if you’re making a difference.  Your clients’ problems seem overwhelming, and you can feel like you’re losing yourself, deep in other people’s pain.

That doesn’t mean you’re weak, that doesn’t mean you can’t do the work.

But it can be overwhelming. I know what it’s like to be in the middle of it – to be surrounded by trauma and not even realize that it was affecting me. As a therapist in a Community Mental Health Center, I experienced that. It took a panic attack at the park to wake me up. (Read more of that story here.)

Since then, I’ve been exploring ways to deal with the impact of second-hand trauma. I’ve learned that the answer doesn’t come in a box – it isn’t a toolkit or a technique, (although those things can be super helpful.) But each person has to create their own, unique combination of ways that work. It’s your journey – no one else can give you your answers.

I became a coach because I want to walk with you on that journey.

I don’t have your answers for you, but I do know what questions to ask to help you get there. I have some maps, and I know how to get around some of the pitfalls and quagmires along the way. I’ve used a lot of toolkits, found new perspectives and tried a wide range of techniques. Together, we can figure out what’s right for you. Step by step, you’ll reconnect to the courage and strength you already have inside.

What do you need for the Journey?

The journey starts with having a space where you can be open about what you’re thinking and feeling.  A space where your feelings will be recognized and valued.  A space where you can sort through your thoughts and explore what you really believe, what you value, and how to live a life that lets you shine.

That’s where we start. Working with me, you carve out time and space to figure out what you need to thrive, even when you feel overwhelmed.  You won’t end up with another list of things you’re supposed to do (followed by the usual guilt for not doing them..)

Working with me, you get in touch with your own deep wisdom.  You follow the path to find your own center so you can stand, solidly grounded, confident in the unique gifts you bring to others.

You’re able to weave support into the fabric of your life, in your own way, in your own time.  Ready to find what you need to build a life that lets you shine.

I’m based in Savannah, Georgia – if you live here in Savannah, we can meet in person.    Wherever you are, I’m as close as your phone or internet connection.    Most of my clients meet with me via phone or video chat.

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