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Ways to Reduce Stress

Feel like you take care of everyone else but don’t practice your own self care? Overwhelmed and burning out? Together, we’ll find practical ways to reduce your stress, add balance, and increase joy.

For Compassionate Professionals

You love your work, but compassion fatigue and burn-out are real.  Together, we can help you stay centered, balance work and home, and live from your heart.

Hello! I’m Fausta

Trauma Sensitive Consultant and Coach

I coach people who are trying to make a difference in the world, people who bring their heart to the work they do and the people they care about. Are you juggling the demands of work and home, trying to take care of everyone else? Wake up at 2 a.m. worried about other people? Know you need self-care, but don’t have time for all that? I can help you find ways to reconnect with yourself, and the tools you need to find your own answers.

My Expertise

I became a Whole Person Certified Coach in December, 2018, bringing over 20 years experience as a therapist to this new adventure. With a Masters degree in Psychology, thousands of hours of clinical experience, and certification as a Whole Person Coach, I know that the answer doesn’t come in a box – it isn’t just a toolkit or a technique, (although those things can be super helpful.) But each person has to create their own, unique combination of ways that work. It’s your journey – no one else can give you your answers.

I became a coach because I want to walk with you on that journey. If you’re stressed and overwhelmed, I want you to be able to feel balanced and have a sense of ease. I want you to be able to add more joy to your life and really thrive.

Getting Started is Easy

Make the Connection (Free)

Invest 30 minutes in yourself to find out how I can help you reconnect with your own deep wisdom, and gain the tools you need to reduce stress, find more balance, and add joy.


Schedule Appointment

Already know you want to work with me?  Choose a Discovery Session to get started and we’ll dive into the work.

Workshops and Groups

On-line or in person, these are designed specifically to meet the needs of your organization or group.   Let’s talk about what that could look like! 

My Approach

Everyone needs a place to stand, to take a step back

The journey starts with having a space where you can be open about what you’re thinking and feeling.  A space where your feelings will be recognized and valued.  A space where you can sort through your thoughts and explore what you really believe, what you value, and how to live a life that works for you.

That’s where we start.   You won’t end up with another list of things you’re supposed to do (followed by the usual guilt for not doing them..) Working with me, you carve out time and space to figure out what you need to thrive, even when you feel overwhelmed.

"Fausta is an incredibly warm and empathetic listener who brings a genuine curiosity to her work. I especially appreciate her ability to step into my perspective and stay with me as I search for solutions that work for me…

~~ A.N.  (Entrepreneur, Paris, France)

“Fausta is a great listener with a calm and soothing demeanor. She will always give you the space you need to do your inner work while gently guiding you and providing support along the way.

~~ Michelle F (Relationship Coach, Tuscon, Az)

“ Fausta’s approach always causes introspection and builds a framework for a mindful and thoughtful approach to the most difficult issues I’ve encountered in life.“

~~ G.K.  (Acupuncturist, Louisville, Ky.)

"Fausta came at just the right time with exactly the right questions. She helped me to focus in on what I wanted, and with her warm, sincere approach, she helped me to quickly achieve one goal after the other. I appreciated the opportunity to coach with Fausta. It was worthwhile and rewarding."

~~ Dawn

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