Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the sad and painful things happening around us?  When I feel that way, I remember this Mr. Rogers quote…

  “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me,

“Look for the helpers.  You will always find people who are helping.” 

..and thinking about the helpers makes me feel better, for a minute

But what if you are the helper?

What do you do next?


Hi, I’m Fausta Luchini

Welcome to

… where you can take a step back and reconnect with yourself



If you are “the helper,” you probably don’t think of yourself that way.


But if you are a therapist, a healer, a social worker,

a doctor, a dentist, a nurse,

an attorney, or a first responder 


If part of your job is to help people overcome barriers,

to move from surviving to thriving, then

 You are a Helper

A compassionate professional 


As a compassionate professional, your clients matter to you. You see their strengths

and recognize their worthiness.  You know that your life is richer because your work

matters.   But sometimes it’s overwhelming.  Maybe you wonder if you care too

much.  You wonder if what you’re doing even makes a difference.

Second-hand stress can keep you from staying centered, balancing work and home,

and finding joy in your life.

How is secondary stress affecting you?  Answer these questions to find out >>>>>>>>>


– Wake up at 2 am worrying about your clients?  Have a hard time getting back to sleep?

– Take work home at night or on week-ends?  Find yourself thinking about work when you don’t want to?

– Feel more pessimistic than you used to?  Feel like you’re just waiting for the next bad thing to happen?

– Have trouble concentrating or focusing?  Feel more on edge or irritable than you used to?

– Feel like something’s wrong, even though you have a good life and don’t think you should complain?

– Have complicated feelings about self-care?   Maybe it’s too consumer-driven, just a bunch of products.  Maybe you don’t have time for all that anyhow.  Maybe all the self-care in the world won’t be enough for the stress on your job…

If secondary stress is affecting you, it doesn’t mean you need a vacation (although you might.)

It doesn’t mean you can’t do the work ( you can.)

It means you’re invited to go deeper, to explore new ideas,

to build skills and add joy.


Step back, breathe, and open yourself to your own deep wisdom  



Dip into the resources we have to expand our horizons and shift our perspective.

Add Skills

Increase mindfulness,     reduce suffering, improve communication, and add joy.

Let Your Self Shine

Integrate your wisdom into your life to feel connected, centered, and resourceful

About Me

I became a Whole Person Certified Coach in December, 2018, bringing over 20 years experience as a therapist to this new adventure.  As a therapist, I worked primarily with people who experienced lots of trauma in childhood, or ACESs, Adverse Childhood Events. I learned ways to help my clients work through the lingering impact of trauma on their lives and my clients helped me understand their pathways to healing. I’m deeply grateful for the people who shared their experiences with me, and awed at the strength and resilience of my clients.

It took a panic attack in the park for me to begin to recognize the impact my work was having on me.  (Read more about that here.) That started me on a journey to find ways to manage the second-hand trauma I was experiencing so I could work with my clients without losing my self and my joy in the world.

As a holistic coach, I offer a process for you to reconnect with yourself, and the opportunity to find the tools you need to sustain that connection. I help you create a space  to explore how to build a life that lets you shine, while you do the work you love.


Fausta is an incredibly warm and empathetic listener who brings a genuine curiosity to her work. I especially appreciate her ability to step into my perspective and stay with me as I search for solutions that work for me…
― A.N.

Fausta is a great listener with a calm and soothing demeanor. She will always give you the space you need to do your inner work while gently guiding you and providing support along the way.

–Michelle F

 Fausta’s approach always causes introspection and builds a framework for a mindful and thoughtful approach to the most difficult issues I’ve encountered in life.

— G.K.

Reconnect with self.

Explore new resources. 

Add Skills.

Let your self shine.

Experience the four phases of work to get REAL.  

The journey starts with having a space where you can be open about what you’re thinking and feeling. A space where your feelings will be recognized and valued. A space where you can sort through your thoughts and explore what you really believe, what you value, and how to live a life that lets you shine.

“Every profession that attracts people for “reasons of the heart” is a profession in which people and the work they do suffer from losing heart. Like teachers, these people are asking, “How can we take heart again so that we can give heart to others?”—which is why they undertook their work in the first place.”

~~ Parker J. Palmer

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