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Second Hand Trauma

I first became aware of the impact of secondhand trauma back in the mid-90s. I was working as a therapist in a Community Mental Health Center and a lot of my clients were survivors of sexual abuse. So I was already learning about the effects of trauma when there was a dramatic increase in the … Continue reading Second Hand Trauma

A Life that Lets You Shine

  At the core of the work I do here are my beliefs about people.  Our beliefs - or our rules - about how the world works are how we make sense of our lives, right?  If I believe that people are innately trustworthy and kind, my life will probably look different than if I … Continue reading A Life that Lets You Shine

Why Coaching?

After all the years of being a therapist, why would I switch to coaching?   And is it really different?    Yes!  It really is!   The 5 principles of coaching capture the difference.   #1 The Client Is Whole, Completely Resourceful and Self-Innovative:   In therapy, part of the goal actually is figuring out what's wrong with the client and … Continue reading Why Coaching?

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