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Feel Like You’re Drowning in Other People’s Pain?  Want to Do the Work You Love Without Losing Yourself?

That’s where I come in.  I help you take a step back, find your balance, and figure out what needs to happen for you to keep making the world a better place.  Feeling overwhelmed doesn’t mean you can’t do it, it doesn’t mean you’re doing a bad job, it just means you’re being called to re-connect with yourself and your own wisdom, to explore other resources, and to let your new energy and wisdom shine, at work and in your life..

What Is Holistic Life Coaching?

Coaching is a partnership

I’m not here to advise you or teach you or fix you.  Between the experience and wisdom you bring to the table and the wisdom and expertise I’ve gained in my life, we create a relationship that is  synergistic and dynamic .  

Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative process

Using our combined wisdom, we look for deeper understanding and new perspectives on how to do the work you do while maintaining a life that supports your vision.  We identify barriers and seek resources for ourselves and identify systemic barriers for ourselves and our clients.

Coaching inspires personal and professional growth

The process of coaching is different for each person, but it’s designed to help you recognize your own needs.  Maybe that’s mostly a deeper connection with yourself or maybe it’s new information, a  new experience, or new skills.  Whatever you need, coaching can help you map out your own path, set realistic goals,  and make progress toward where you want to  be.

Coaching helps you sustain the life you want

The goal of my coaching is not to help you be a better employee in a broken system.  I know what it’s like to love the work you do and to get overwhelmed and forget the boundaries you wanted to set and  struggle to hold space for yourself.  I remember going to workshops and getting all fired up only to lose that energy after a few days back on the job.  At Fausta’s Place to Ponder, we explore how to integrate what you’ve learned into you daily work so you don’t lose the light.

My Approach

I know that when you work with people who are experiencing trauma, whether it’s physical or emotional trauma, you are bombarded with problems, surrounded by people needing attention, and you may struggle to provide the quality of care you want to give,  It can be overwhelming.  You may actually react with a flight-fight-or freeze response yourself.  And that makes it hard to think.

Figuring out how to manage the second-hand trauma isn’t a problem to be solved, it’s a process, part of your life journey.   There are four phases of the work that we focus on at Fausta’s Place to Ponder, and you can start at any point of the process that works for you.  

Because R.E.A.L. is not a linear process, the phases aren’t the same for everyone and you may not need them all.  We can’t determine a set amount of time that will meet everyone’s needs.   The packages allow us to design a program that will work for you.  Schedule your initial consultation for more information.


Four Phases of R.E.A.L.



Step back, breathe, and open yourself to your own deep wisdom 


Dip into the resources we have to expand your horizons and shift your perspective.

Add Skills

Increase mindfulness,   reduce suffering, improve communication, and add joy.

Let Your Life Shine

Integrate your wisdom into your life to feel connected, centered, and resourceful


Start the Journey

Let’s talk about your needs and explore how working with me can support you and the work you do.   No charge for this thirty minute session.  Learn more about where to start in the process and how we can help you meet your goals.


Two – three hour intensive session. 

$275 – $400


Reconnect and Deepen Your Wisdom

Four sessions (240 minutes)




Expand Your Horizons

12 sessions (720 minutes)



Let Your Life Shine

24 sessions (1440 minutes)



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